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Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2016 Winner


“The ASOTY experience was definitely one that I will remember always. It was so crazy being able to travel to Bali and get to know all the beautiful girls, plus all the people who made the time there possible. We got to stay in 3 absolutely gorgeous locations and between all of the nice restaurants, photo shoots, video shoots, fittings and life coaching sessions ect. it really did feel like we got to live like professional models for a week. Jess made the experience so amazing and memorable it was difficult to leave. I’d like to thank Jess and the ASOTY team for helping me push for my dreams and for creating a competition for aspiring models who want to pursue a career, as well as showing me that any thing is possible. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to be apart of this competition and to pursue my career as a model!”

Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2016 2nd Runner-Up


“The stay in Bali was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe we were all staying at these amazing places when we all arrived. I felt like I was watching a commercial where they promote their beautiful Villas of Bali, but I was actually there. The first morning we all sat at the breaky table and got to know each other. Jess and the girls were all so nice and welcoming. I think the breaky and dinner times were my favourite because we were all together and it was all good vibes. During the week we did so many photoshoots and even got to ride in a helicopter. It was especially exciting for me because I had never been on one and got to tick that off my bucket list. We had personal talks from Hannu and Sarah who showed us how to love ourselves and how to take life easy when times are tough.
Myself and two of the other finalist got to swim in mermaid tails for NicoNico Swimwear and that was another highlight of the trip. I felt like a little girl again getting to be a mermaid. When grand final day crept up, myself and all the girls were so nervous but we all had so much fun doing it. Jess made us feel great about ourselves by letting us wear amazing clothes for the show. To see the support from family’s was beautiful and that night will be one I will never forget.
I have made so many new friends that still keep in touch with me and now have so many more photos to add to my portfolio. I highly recommend anyone in Australia who is willing to be a supermodel, to go for it because it is defiantly a time I won’t forget. It has opened many doors and given me much understanding of the modelling industry and l am so excited to see where this will lead me in the future. “


Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2015 Winner

Kiane F

“My experience at the ASOTY mansion was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget! Before getting picked up my nerves were at an all time high to meet the gorgeous girls! Jess had arranged for us girls to be picked up in an amazing pink stretch hummer which gave us an opportunity to get to know each other before arriving at the mansion! I would like to say thank you to the gorgeous contestants, Christine, Chloe, Peter, photographers, Videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, sponsors, guest judges and especially Jess, for being kind, supportive and for organising this amazing experience for us girls! During the week at the ASOTY mansion we had many fun photoshoots wearing sponsors petersees designer sunglasses, Baku swimwear and a chance to show off our own sense of style, we also had makeup tips, spray tans and gifts sponsored by Vani-T, made nutritional superfood supplements sponsored by elevenlabs, fitness tips and guidance sponsored by scary and exciting and of course time to bond with the contestants! On grand final day, everyone was nervous to impress the guest judges on the red carpet runway, although the support and tips from the girls and Jess made the experience a much easier one! Winning the Australian supermodel of the year came as a complete shock, as all the girls were absolutely stunning and all worthy to win the competition. Being in the top 4, Myself and 3 other contestants were able to stay a further 3 days at the ASOTY Mansion. During those 3 days we drove into the city to go to well known model agencies for castings, photo shoots wearing Baku swimwear, Petersees sunglasses, and designer bridal wear. This amazing experience has given myself, self assurance and knowledge about the modelling industry, and I look forward to a great future as a model & what this experience has in store for me! I am forever grateful!”

Kiane xxx

Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2015 2nd Runner-Up


“My experience at the ASOTY Mansion is definitely one I’ll never forget. To be honest, I was nervous to meet the other contestants, not knowing what to expect! Jess made the experience exciting and so memorable, first of all by getting us all picked up in a limousine from the airport gave us all the opportunity of getting to know each other before arriving at the amazing Asoty mansion. My week at the Asoty mansion was truly a once in a life time experience, one of the best weeks of my life. The girls were all amazing, funny, gorgeous, caring and I consider them all part of my extended family, I can’t wait till we can all get together again. Jess is an amazing person for putting this competition on, she bent over backwards to make our time enjoyable and memorable. I would like to thank everyone who played a role in this competition Jess, Christine, Chloe, Peter, videographers, photographers, makeup artist’s, hair stylists, clothes designers, sponsors and guest judges, you have all made this competition possible. Thank you Asoty for the most amazing week, and the opportunity to help me with my modelling career but also teaching me that friendship is the most important virtues in life. I love you all my Asoty family.”

Lots of love Tahlia!

2014 / 2013

Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2014 Winner


The ASOTY experience is a once in a lifetime experience that I will cherish forever. I loved that even though it was a competition, all the girls were so lovely and encouraging to each other. It’s always very refreshing and fulfilling when you get to share ideas, experiences and stories with like minded creatives in the industry. The photo shoots were a lot of fun, as well as the deportment lessons and confidence sessions that taught us how to carry ourselves professionally as models. I would encourage any girl in Australia whose dream is to become a supermodel to go for it. It will be worth every second of your time!

Chiara xx

Australian Supermodel Of The Year 2013 Winner

Gina M

I want to thank all at the ASOTY team for this amazing opportunity for me and each of the contestants. Australia SuperModel Of The Year was a great experience for me personally and my career. I am grateful for every moment shared during the event, the opportunity to have been the winner means a lot to me and for my future, thanks for allowing each of us to show our talent and make our dreams come true.

Lots of love Gina!